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Fly Catcher & Insect Killer

Fly catcher and insect killer machines are designed to get rid of flies and insects in your home, office, cafe, shop, bakery, restaurant or canteen. These easy to install machines can be mounted on the wall or kept on the floor, without worrying about any harm caused by it to you and your children or guests. These machines with a specific impact radius and energy consumption, can run 24x7. These pest control machines work by attracting and killing flying insects. What attracts flies towards these fly catcher and insect killer machines is the light from ultraviolet tubes. As they comes in contact with an electrical grid, they are electrocuted with a high voltage. So, get these machines for your premise from ZAF Enterprises at reasonable prices.
Electric Insect Killers
Electric Insect Killers
KK-FK-06-SS 304
Item Code: KK-FK-06-SS 304 Availability: In stock Specifications: Machine Body: Stainless Steel